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Horse, Saddle, Rider & the Priorities of Work

The first Priority of Work should always be SECURITY, which is done continuously.  After Security has been established it is time to maintain your Horse, Saddle and Rider.


The horse enables the Cavalryman to conserve energy to fight, the horse will not fight, it will carry him to the fight then carry him home.  If the horse is killed, thus begins the dying process of the cavalryman.  Soldiers clean the horse, maintain the horse, and care for it first, always.

The concept of the horse is applied to any vehicle carries you into the fight, or provides you with the ability to maneuver on the battlefield.  Provide care first for what carries you:

  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance, Checks & Services (PMCS) 
  • Topping off Petroleum Oil & Lubricants (POL)


Maintain your saddle next, you spend most of your time in it.  Leather must be oiled, knots must be undone and retied, fixed and well affixed for the weight of the rider and their movement within the saddle.

The concept of the saddle is applied to any equipment which provides you with the ability to perform your MOS.  For the modern Soldier, the saddle concept would apply to the accountability and maintenance of the following:

  • Weapons
  • Magazines, or other weapon feed systems
  • Medical Equipment (or other MOS specific Equipment)
  • TA-50 (Body Armor, Helmet, etc…)
  • Boots / Uniforms


The rider is the one part that has remained unchanged from past Cavalryman to modern Soldier.  The concept of the rider is simply, you.  You, the soldier, must not forget to maintain yourself to the same level of discipline that you care for your Horse and your Saddle.  Ensure your plan includes:

  • Chow Plan
  • Rest Plan
  • Personal Hygiene

– CPT Mills

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