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Officer & Gent’s Mission

Officer & Gent seeks to revitalize the virtues of the traditional Gentleman, through instruction on the skills, mindset and examples set by those Officers and Gentlemen who came before us.  Men who’s prowess built lasting Empires and won two World Wars.

“The military officer is considered a gentleman, not because Congress wills it, nor because it has been the custom of people in all times to afford him that courtesy, but specifically because nothing less than a gentleman is truly suited for his particular set of responsibilities.”

The idea to create this resource to promote the Officer & Gent Lifestyle, stems in part from reading “The Armed Forces Officer” published in 1950 by the War Department.  This amazing book, conceived by General George C. Marshall, nurtured by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and developed by S.L.A. Marshall, contains timeless advice on the responsibilities of officers to their men, their profession and their nation.

I do not want any of my readers to feel as though the contents of these pages should begin and end with the Military Officer, however.  In fact, the Armed Forces Officer goes on to note that very point.  In leadership, it does not matter what your rank is, or if you possess no rank at all.  What matters is that as a leader, the mindset of the Gentleman should carry on in all interactions and environments.

“The identity of the officer with the gentleman should persist in his relations with men of all degree.  In the routine of daily direction and disposition, and even in moments of exhortation, he had best bring courtesy to firmness. The finest officers that one has known are not occasional gentlemen, but in every circumstance: in commissioned company and, more importantly, in contact with those who have no recourse against arrogance.”

Officer & Gent was founded in order to share all of my research into the lost virtues of these Gentlemen and hopefully, to influence a change in the way we conduct ourselves, not just as leaders, but as men in this modern society.

– CPT Mills

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